Progressive Dane Spring Election Endorsements

Progressive Dane's Elections Committee interviewed sixteen candidates seeking Progressive Dane's endorsement in various races. These candidates for School Board and Common Council that have been endorsemented by the General Membership of Progressive Dane in the 2013 Spring Election cycle.

Madison Common Council:
District 2:  Ledell Zellers Website / Facebook
District 3:  Barbara Davis Website / Facebook
District 4:  Mike Verveer City Website
District 6:  Marsha Rummel City Website / Website / Facebook
District 8:  Christian Hansen Website / Facebook
District 12: Leslie Peterson Website / Facebook
District 13: Zach Madden Website / Facebook
District 13: Damon Terrell Website / Facebook
District 15: Hawk Sullivan Website / Facebook

Madison Metropolitan School Board:
Seat 3: Dean Loumos Website / Facebook
Seat 5: TJ Mertz Website / Facebook
Seat 5: Sarah Manski Website / Facebook

Progressive Dane is proud to support these candidates for elected office and its membership is excited to work towards electing them to office.


Polling Places open at 7am and close at 8 pm

* Spring Primary Election - Tuesday, Feb. 19th
* Spring Election - Tuesday, Apr. 2nd

If you are not currently registered, you can register at the polls. Here is information that will help you find out what you need to cast your vote.

Together we can do this! Are you interested in working on electoral campaigns? There are many oppurtunities to get involved such as being a campaign volunteer, treasurer, campaign manager, volunteer coordinator, issues coordinator, webmaster, etc. Contact the elections committee to find out how you can help or contact the campaigns individually.

Past Election Endorsements and Results